In addition to the emotional state you need to add a balanced diet and exercise.

The body always looks beautiful, and the skin was taut, you need to exercise. Enough to exercise regularly no more than 30 minutes and the muscles will tone. Also exercises help to fight against overweight.

Balanced diet:

• You must eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. They replenish the body with vitamins and moisture.

• Tea and coffee are not those liquids which are useful, so it is desirable to limit, and it is better to avoid. But if it's too difficult, you can add them in milk.

• It is very important to ingest the proper amount of water. A day this should be 6-8 glasses.

• You need to eat dairy products: yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese.

• Meat must be diet: chicken, beef, veal.

• Sweet and flour products consumed in small quantities. Sugar should be replaced with honey, which is very useful and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Food to take better fractional, small portions. Break the meal into 5-6 times. Dinner should be 3 hours before bedtime. The diet should be included in soups and vegetable stews.

A balanced diet helps the body to maintain health and supports the body weight in normal, increases the body's resistance to infection and inhibits the aging process.

In the complex: good emotional state, a properly fitted exercise and balanced nutrition are powerful weapons, which helps to be in great shape, have good health and confidence in themselves and in their abilities. When a woman feels attracted the views of men, her self-esteem increases. She knows she is beautiful and attractive.