One of the main recipes for health is the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Create for yourself a routine and strictly follow it. Exercise, do every morning the exercises. Go to dance classes. Visiting them, you develop the plastic, lose weight, and self-confidence. Their use is simply endless. Also huge benefits to your health will bring a swimming.

Try to eliminate bad habits, if any. Less nervous, because everyone knows that all illnesses from nerves. Be positive, smile more and radiate the good.

The rest must be not only passive, but active. For example, Biking will not only benefit your figure, but also will help to normalize breathing. Go for a walk in forest Park. Because regular walks in the fresh air is very healthy.

Sleep also plays a huge role, an adult should sleep 6-8 hours a day.

The most important recipe for health is proper nutrition. Eat as many vegetables and fruits, soups and dairy products. They remarkably affect the bowels, so, on your beauty and mood. You can eat them throughout the day. Eat fish and seafood, they are enriched with phosphorus, and an inexhaustible quantity of minerals that the body needs.

Very useful to take food in so-called salads beauty. They have therapeutic and nutritional properties, which are necessary for hair and skin every beauty.

They saturate the body with useful vitamins and microelements, which are just amazing affect the condition of hair, nails and skin. They are also rich in fiber, and it improves bowel function and helps to relieve the body of toxins. But because of proper and regular working of the intestine and the skin becomes elastic, velvety and healthy appearance.

Components of these salads normalize metabolism in the body and a positive effect on digestion, which is conducive to weight loss. And, as a consequence, achieving a slender figure. They give the ease, a good mood and energized.

To fill these salads have olive oil, low-fat yogurt, and cook with only the freshest ingredients. It is recommended to add a little fresh lemon juice and Apple cider vinegar. To eat these salads are recommended for Breakfast. Eat them slowly, chewing well, and with a good attitude.

Health is also very useful honey. It can be eat alone or add to salads or tea.

The main components of all the salads health and beauty is: cabbage and cauliflower (always in raw), carrots, apples, pumpkin, radish, turnips, kohlrabi, rutabaga, oatmeal, greens, honey, cheese. Use them in any combination.

One of the most useful salads French salad beauty"

• 2 tbsp oatmeal;

• 4 tbsp cold water;

• 4 tbsp cold milk;

• 1 tsp of honey;

• 1 Apple;

• the juice of one lemon.

Pour oatmeal with water, cover with a paper towel and put it on an hour and a half to infuse. Add the honey, milk, lemon juice, and grated on a large grater Apple. This salad is simple and simply indispensable for the organism, it improves the quality of skin and hair. Eat it slowly and with good thoughts.

There is still a wonderful, fabulously healthy salad to cleanse the bowel — salad "Broom". In cooking it is very simple and its benefits are endless. Shred cabbage, grate the carrots. Arbitrarily chop the vegetables in any combination (pepper, cauliflower, kohlrabi, turnip, radish, radish, etc.). Grate the Apple, add lemon juice, chopped herbs and season with olive oil. The quantity of ingredients adjust to your liking.

Also very useful for various fruit salads.

Eat right, eat salads, regulate the bowels. Exercise. Be as much as possible in the fresh air and the result will not keep itself waiting. You will feel much better and will look just amazing.