Cotton t-shirt and panties

From the woman who sleeps in a cotton t-shirt and panties, don't expect a huge passion. Such women usually practical and sporty. On the other hand, it is expected to do anything, she is always able to surprise you.

Silk shirt

She wants to look innocent, but at the same time makes it clear that it is willing to flirt and maybe something more. If you want to, don't rush. Focus on foreplay and remember that it is more important feelings and romantic gestures than actual sex.

The combination of bra, garter belts and panties

She loves to seduce and feel that you like. It also reflects the care she devotes to her body and everything connected with it. This woman is a great lover.

Long satin chemise

This type of underwear are hopeless, hopeless romantics. She is looking for her Prince on a white horse, wants to feel desirable and needed. If you give her that feeling, you can consider yourself a winner.

Classic pajamas

Women who sleep in classic pajamas, usually have a great partnership properties. These women are conservative and reliable. Such women can hardly wait for sex, during which the rattle of the window glass.