It self-esteem influences our actions, guides the choice of work, partner, friends. From self-esteem depends on the success of the individual. Often, low self-esteem is a way of protection, helps not to go beyond the comfort zone.

There are a number of techniques which any person can use independently to improve their self-esteem. Talk about the most popular.

1. Search for the reason for self-praise and thanks. Think about your good deeds, wise words, good decisions. Every day celebrate your dignity. Even if not ambitious. Cleaning of the apartment, the lesson with the child or walk the dog, learn a new dessert – all this is the occasion to Pat ourselves on the back. Say: "I'm a good person", "I have a lot of advantages" "I am worthy of respect".

If you seem to be biased such statements, ask loved ones to announce your good features and remind yourself about them every day. You may find it easier to praise yourself if you personally see that there is something to be proud of. Write down all the good things we did during the day. Translated the grandmother across the street? I feed street animals? Write it down!

2. It is important to realize that in the world there are no perfect people. And you, unfortunately, is no exception. Forgive yourself for it. And start working on yourself. Write down their major weaknesses, consider ways of dealing with them and begin. Defeating your own weakness, you will feel better.

3. Find something to do that will distract you from negative thoughts. Remember your childhood Hobbies, you may want to return it to them. If a person brings pleasure in what he was doing, so he found himself. It will bring you great self-satisfaction. Don't be afraid to try, don't be afraid to make a mistake. Once the error is possible to find the truth.

4. A prerequisite of effective assistance of oneself is the awareness of the root of the problem. Self is not innate estimate itself. Sootnoshenie is in the process of education and socialization. For years to convince myself that you are the most beautiful, but perhaps that is what you and eating? If you feel helpless, turn to the help of a therapist.