So, the first thing to do is to admit to myself that this habit is really harmful and gives you some discomfort. Stop trying to convince yourself that enjoy, say, Smoking, overeating, Shopaholic, Internet addiction or drinking of alcoholic beverages. Understand that it destroys you.

Do not rush from one extreme to another, gradually minimize the daily number of cigarettes smoked, hours spent in front of a computer monitor, or glasses of the drunk alcohol. Techniques offering to abruptly abandon bad habits, of course, have a place to be, but such drastic methods are not suitable for everyone and does not always work and can even aggravate the situation. Also, do not immediately undertake to eliminate all habits at a time - get rid of each in turn.

Try to motivate yourself. Find books or articles that reveal the depth of your problem. Calculate how much money you invest monthly, to damage their health. Read stories of people successfully overcoming his this problem.

Try to replace the habit for useful, in some cases, this works too. Start learning a new language, read books, take time to have a trip to the gym or regular Jogging. Select the appropriate method of promotion and reward yourself after each successful day.

Another good option is to appoint "the price of words". For example, you have a problem with overeating. You know it's bad for the health of your body and appearance in General, so decide to change the situation. You can do the following: just tell yourself that you'll do 200 squats, run 5 kilometers, give money to the homeless and so on, the options are countless. Another difficulty lies in the fact that in case of failure to keep to myself the word. If self-control is hard or you are scared of failing, ask for help from loved ones or just to make a bet.

If the first attempt does not succeed, do not despair and give up. Try again and again and find new ways to eradicate bad habits! Remember that it's only your decision and no one is as concerned as you are.