You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle;
  • - self-control;
  • - role model.
Please note that after the age of 30, drastic changes in nature occur very rarely. But still trying to change are never late. To solve this problem, there are many techniques, which are based on the same tenet: the desire to change must be their own and conscious.
Write down on a separate piece of paper traits that you think are "harmful". Next to each indicate what it shows. This will help you ease control and prevent unpleasant things. For example, a negative feature of your character is anger. It can manifest itself in the fact that you are often not waiting to hear the interlocutor, begin to be rude to him. In this case, start to control your actions: try to listen to the man till the end, count to ten before you say something sharpness.
Select a role model (it can be a real or a fictitious person). Begin to look up to, ask yourself how would "standard" arrived at your place. Therefore, copying the desired behavior, you will develop good habits, minimizing the expression of negative traits. Just don't try a template to copy someone's behavior. Here you need to understand that you are an individual, and therefore certain traits will be manifested with peculiar only to you shade.
Please note that a person's character is created for a long time, to get rid of the unpleasant features is difficult, it requires long and painstaking work. But the difficulty is only the first week. When the control action on the manifestation of the "dark" sides of your character go into the habit of, tracking their behavior becomes much easier. And soon that didn't like you in your character will cease to complicate life that will improve communication with loved ones.
No matter what system of correction of his character you use. Much more important that you genuinely want to change for the better, remembering that there is no limit to perfection.