If he needs your help, should help, be a part of his life, if not – don't want to hold a tight rein, you need to give the freedom of choice.

But with all this we must not forget to praise your child for his achievements and make comments with the obligatory explanation of reasons.

Personality and its changes

Of the 7 billion modern humans living in "blue planet", only part of the right to be called personalities. And the reason is that personality is not just a shell, which is owned by any individual. It's something more subtle and profound, it is necessary to improve the scientific method of trial and permanent errors.

In this way there is a set of certain rules that are necessary for compliance.

Our lives are intimately associated with the selection and decision-making, therefore it is impossible to become a person, sitting out life on the couch. Risk is an integral part of self-improvement. Avoiding risk and failure, people become weak and mentally weak.

Daily, hourly, people make different decisions leave something on the altar of actions and steps forward. Choice enveloped the whole world, he's everywhere, that's why courage plays a role in the formation of personality.

From infancy the child is taught the parents surrounding, teachers and educators. The modern world is developing every second, so the doctrine continuously surrounds each.

Innovative technology is at the core of modern society

This determines the model of thinking of the modern man, offering to take challenges as lessons as a gift from life. Change yourself and your life, anytime, and you need to understand that the world, circumstances and problems depend mainly on the individual, and more precisely – from the personality. All the rest is excuses.

In addition, should appreciate every second of your time, perceiving it as the gift that can change lives for the better. But the rest of the reflections should not be forgotten.

This path is difficult and not suitable for lazy, but only by following such rules, it is possible to seriously change your life and become a person.