The thing is that everyone is trying to strengthen a couple because of their understanding of love. Standard example: a girl wants a gift of a bouquet, and her boyfriend believes it to be a waste. So as a gift she receives a set of expensive dishes, and the man wronged woman.

Therefore, in order to build relationships, you need to understand exactly what is needed for happiness the second half. Women and men expect from each other, different expressions of love.

For example, the girl sees that the man is having trouble. Then she will show care using assistance or advice. However, for the stronger sex, this is proof that it does not believe. So when the man offered help, he may feel a helpless weakling. But if half of it all the time to correct his actions, then very soon he will think that he don't like.

Rule one: don't let your young man advice when he asks. When a girl is upset due to a bad manicure, the worst thing a man can do is say: "don't get mad over nothing, go and do it again." In men's understanding, a woman needs to assess effective solution to the problem. But for some reason she unhappy and upset. And if this situation is repeated constantly, feels unloved, unwanted and rejected.

Rule two: kindness and empathy is the best support for women in problematic situations. Miscommunication could cause conflicts. And if a woman for stress relief wants to talk, to discuss the situation, find out why it happened, to imagine what it all will lead, the man in a situation of stress focuses on solving only one that arose at the moment of the problem.

To fight had not led to the breakup, you need to remember about the way of thinking of each other. At the time of the offense women's emotions do not allow to reach the logical arguments of men. Therefore, the strong floor it is advisable to be patient and wait for the woman to speak out. While the fairer sex need to learn to control their emotions. Awareness of their emotions will prevent the pair from inappropriate behavior.

The main rule for couples in love should sound like: "I will make you happy." Then each of them will receive what he needs in the relationship. Girls, modify chosen according to your taste, will receive attention to their feelings. Since he will be sure he wasn't blamed for the problems due to the mismatch between the image of a real man.