Derealization is a form of psychological deviation, which is clearly violated in the process of perceiving the world, his feelings. Often the surrounding world is perceived as gray, the darkness, when all around devoid of bright colors, and can also occur the processes of memory impairment.

In speech, the patient derealization, you can often hear words such as "like", "like", "like", "like", and many other similar meaning words. Usually this is because people perceive the world as unreal, to some extent, a toy, and not like the usual environment.

Why there is a violation of perception of the world, and why a person suddenly begins to see his remote, unreal? Sometimes the reason for this psychological disorder can become strain of an organism, which include all known nervous breakdowns and stress. Sometimes the reason for the sudden appearance of derealization can be a prolonged depression, in which all colors of the world disappear abruptly, the man for weeks, if not months, to live in their own thoughts, returning to the past or often thinking about the future, which can suddenly break off, be damaged or even inexplicably disappear.

Frequent occurrence of derealization can be a variety of traumatic events, which also include manmade disasters. Psychological violence, as well as physical, is a frequent causative agent of derealization, especially young girls and boys. The main symptoms manifestations of the disease in most cases similar to each other – the distortion in the sound perception, distorted perception of the environment is completely or partially lost the perception of colors, and feeling the person observing ourselves from the outside. If these symptoms appearing in a person or his relatives, suddenly and unexpectedly, you need to urgently contact your doctor, who will refer to a psychiatrist or prescribe complex therapy and proper treatment.

Usually in the treatment of this mental deviation, doctors strongly recommend to take a course of antidepressants, tranquilizers, and also include a set of multivitamins and vitamins of group B. a Variety of techniques in a wide range of uses in modern medicine is aimed at complete or partial destruction of the disease. The first symptoms of a person going to the recovery is clearly articulated sounds, correct perception of colors, recognition of friends and relatives.

Derealization refers to a form of psychological distress, respectively, with proper treatment you also need a change of scenery that will allow you to forget what it was unsettling, positive emotions, an interesting case that person will choose his own and new acquaintances with interesting people that can make the world of the patient brighter and more beautiful.