For the complete concept and use of communication skills, self and other people need to understand the formation of them in the human psyche since its birth, and to assess the changes and reasons under certain circumstances. For mutual communication need to learn how can hinder or help certain habits and misconceptions that were established traditions and needs of society, where the individual is. In life of each person the important role played by relationships between individuals. This is due to the relationship between man and his environment. No matter the person is active or is a recluse, these relations are in any case happens, just take note of them will not work.

Not the last position in interpersonal relationships is a personal and social experience. In the course of these relations can affect the political, economic and social factors, and the instigator becomes the man himself or a certain group of people. Any individual is a partner of a certain number of groups. It can be a social and family groups.

The interaction can occur among people of different nationalities, professions, genders, ages. But first and foremost on the relationship between them will influence the relationships that were adopted in the previous groups. The relationship between the individuals must constantly evolve, not to have a static image, in addition to changing relationships, changing and the band members themselves. Those relationships are not moved to a new level or in some way has not changed, in the future will not have a specific meaning and simply disintegrate.

In the relationship between personalities, there are three main components: behavioral, cognitive, and emotional. The third component constitutes the major part of the relationship that can have a positive or negative nature.
Emotional and sensual Foundation appears in early childhood and goes through certain stages. Paramount may be relationship with her mother. Their duration is about two years old child. It was at this time determined how the child will treat the world, and it all depends on the communication and understanding with his mother.