Your family

Good that you have your family close relationship. But, if in 30 years my mom bake you muffins for Breakfast, and advises what to put on a shirt, then it is highly likely that your partner sooner or later it will cease to like. "Mama's son", which is unable to define clear boundaries, and allow family to interfere in the lives, sexual will never.

Constant criticism

You "spoil" your soulmate constant criticism? Or, on the contrary, she doesn't like the way you breathe? Then it is clear that the prospects of your relationship is not entirely rosy. No one voluntarily will not allow to offend itself. The worst thing you can do is to criticize the partner in front of other people. Do this several times and thereby cause the relationship a mortal wound.

Unbalanced finances

Are you on the side of the sponsor or the sponsored, the financial imbalance never makes good in the relationship. Of course, there is no problem if your partner wants to be a kept woman and you're on the rules agreed. But if you expect a fulfilling relationship, which will be balanced both roles, you probably will not have to arrange long-term financing all of its expenditures and activities. Similarly, she will soon get tired of paying for everything from rent to movie tickets.