It is useful to introduce, but rather to see yourself in a moment of anger. The picture is not pleasant! Red face, furrowed brow, flared nostrils and twisted mouth. For girls method side view can be particularly effective. To restrain anger, not figuring out the reasons and without assessing the consequences, absolutely not. The suppression of negative emotions leads to depression mental state, and behind him, and physical (stress on the heart, gastrointestinal tract, migraine).

The other extreme – the slosh of anger or without cause. It is also not a solution to the problem, excessive negative alienate friends and acquaintances, and health will be threatened (the load on the heart, the rush of hormones, adrenaline surge). Feeling a surge of anger, one should try to change its internal state. For example, to direct the energy to exercise, walk or jog. It is not always possible to escape work, for example. In this case, you several times to squeeze and unclench the fists, to do ten deep breaths. Another option is to think about something pleasant, mentally reciting this for as long as the anger is replaced with joy.

To defeat anger, you can use the reflex. Surprisingly, if you smile (even with difficulty), to mind involuntarily comes a positive memory. It is important to remember that emotional control and the ability to act rationally where you just want to rant and rave, it is very difficult, but worth it. The efforts will not go in vain, the anger will recede, and come back to normal, all vital signs: heart rate, blood pressure, adrenaline levels and respiratory rate. At this point, most felt improved physical condition. And the idea that this improvement is obtained by the right action leads to moral satisfaction.

Another important fact not to forget is the exuberance of human emotion. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the health of loved ones before the situation to oppress his cry. When the negative falls from the side, should not respond to the same emotions, a smile and positive, then the aggressor will have to relent and to change the temper justice with mercy.