The majority of women deny themselves in the clothes of traditional style due to it flying around not too truthful myths. Is that he is too business, old-fashioned, suitable only for special occasions or adds age to a woman. Let's try to debunk.

Myth # 1. Except in the office to dress in a classic style nowhere!

Business (office) style is just one of the varieties of classic style. You may well pick out elegant but not too severe things to wear in everyday life.

Myth # 2. This style is outdated, I'll look old-fashioned.

What to do to not look old-fashioned, adhering to a conservative style in clothes? Buy your clothes in modern stores. In any case, do not use to replenish the wardrobe of dresses that grandmother still would have saved for You in your youth.

Myth # 3. Need some special, solemn occasion in order to dress in a classic style. Going to the theatre, art exhibition...

Not all occasions will fit pumps, and other inherent attributes of the style. This theme is so intuitive that you shouldn't even disclose it, describing the absurdity of the situation, which will be a man dressed in a classical style, in the gym or on the next work day. However, to say that to wear such things is permissible only when visiting the theatre and other equally festive occasions would be a mistake, because the simplicity and restraint are among the main distinguishing features of this style.

Be always stylish!