Where to get information

To be always in trend, carefully study the latest issue of glossy magazines. Of them you will find much needed information. And it's not just about fashion, but the trend areas of fitness, literature, cinema. Thanks to the gloss you will be able to stand out among the friends of his awareness in many different areas.

To be a trend as popular fashion channels and fashion blogs of famous people (stylists, models, designers, etc.). Subscribe to popular channels on Twitter and Instagram – this will help not to miss the hottest news from the latest shows. Sometimes the details of the future season you can "peek" in advance: some designers share work and rehearsal moments with his audience.

How to combine trends and comfort?

Modern fashion is very changeable. Today, both in the trend may be several styles. This gives you the chance to choose what you like and suits you.

Remember that no matter how fancy and expensive a thing if it sits bad you will look disgusting. So always choose the clothes that perfectly emphasizes your strengths and helps hide flaws. Don't be afraid sometimes to make concessions. For example, to donate a trending color or style in favor of a good landing. Just put the emphasis a little differently, choosing a stylish bag and shoes.

Try to dress in different styles. Today's trend casual and sport-chic, and glamorous, and retro. Trying different directions, making a complex combination of fashionable things, you show others your sense of style and great taste.

That will always be in trend?

Correctly assembled closet will allow you to always stay in trend. In the first place you should be basic stuff, the so-called "timeless classics". It's a simple shirt, high-quality suit, a black turtleneck, perfectly fitting jeans, various tops, little dress. The best color for the "base" - black, beige, brown, white.

Be sure to add closet a couple of trendy things (watch out for it in the logs), which will be combined with available and give them new meaning. For example, purchase a mini-shorts. In the summer they can be worn with a shirt or top, and in the winter to complement the tights and jacket. Now also very popular chiffon blouse in a retro style, wide knitted pullovers, knitted sweater dress.

To always stay in trend, choose the right shoes and accessories. Have a fashionable girl should have an impressive stock pairs suitable for a variety of styles. Of accessories pay special attention to the bags. One of them must be large and the quality is always fashionable and comfortable. Also take care of small clutch bags: now this accessory is very popular.

As for other parts, try to pick them up depending on the selected image. Beautiful belt, a bracelet, a trendy necklace or earrings will easily transform you into a trendy girl. Do not forget about the popular hair accessories and brooches.