Advice 1: For a successful marriage love is not enough

Australian scientists have identified the factors that keep the partnership or marriage in integrity. And rest assured that not only love applies to them.
For a successful marriage love is not enough

The age of the partners, previous relationships, and, for example, Smoking one of the spouses is the factors that play a huge role in the success of marriage, say the researchers from the Australian national University. The study involved about 2,500 couples who were married or lived together from 2001 to 2007.

The study examined what factors contributed to the fact that the pair lived together for so long. The results were compared with couples who are divorced or live separately. It was found that when the husband 9 or more years older than his wife, doubles the risk of divorce. The same situation occurs if the spouses were married before the age of 25.

Another important indicator of relations. The researchers found that the divorce ended the relationship 1/5 of couples who had children (either from previous relationships or current) before the wedding. For comparison, the divorced only 9% of couples without children before marriage.

To divorce are also more likely women who wish to have a baby more than their partners. Similarly, play a great role in the future of marriage and parents are partners. The study showed that 16% of men and women whose parents are divorced or separated, and also divorced. In contrast, divorced less than 10% of couples with divorced parents.

Advice 2: 7 years of marriage: what wedding is this?

Seven years is quite a long and serious term for marriage. During this time the couple managed to pass through the most different, sometimes unpredictable trials that may come on the way of creating strong unbreakable family.
7 years of marriage: what wedding is this?

Copper and wool in two sides one Union

Date of the seventh anniversary of the joint family life is called a copper wedding. This name was chosen by chance. Copper is quite a strong metal. Therefore, this definition represents the strength of the relationship between the spouses, their ability to work together to overcome the difficulties and troubles, solve important life issues, but, more importantly, constantly encourage each other, to give love and affection to your better half.

Another name of this wedding – wool. Wool, in contrast to copper, soft, warm and cozy. So, and the relationship of the spouses, undergoing various changes, be tolerant and gentle, with ends lapping between husband and wife. They feel in one piece, durable and unbreakable. While in respect to her lover is dominated by care and infinite tenderness.

Relationship year after year evolyutsioniruet. If in the first years of marriage celebrated paper, linen and wood wedding, seven years later comes the turn of metal. Of course, copper, base metals. But this is a more durable material than wood or fabric. So a seventh anniversary is a major step on the way to silver and Golden weddings.

What to give for seventh anniversary of marriage

Anniversary of marriage – a family holiday. Hence, the gift should be a family, shared. For such celebrations, the ideal option is considered to be utensils. Do not forget that when choosing cookware, you must stop your choice on copper products. You can find trays or platters made of this material. As decor perfect copper cups or vases. Note the copper samovars. Such a gift not just will be original and unusual, it carries a hidden meaning – a call to unite the whole family for a Cup of tea.

Another interesting gift – a brass horseshoe. According to popular belief – she calls into the house luck and prosperity. Copper candle holders with scented candles – the perfect gift for spouses, which will set them in a romantic mood.

Remembering that the anniversary not only copper, but also of wool, pay attention to products made of this material. Beautiful warm blanket, fancy wool Slippers, matching scarves for the husband and wife are just a small list of gifts that will appeal to a large number of people.

Husband and wife also congratulate each other with this important date. However, according to tradition, a man buys your favorite copper jewelry, and she knits her chosen wool socks, sweater or other article.

Advice 3: Living together before marriage couples get divorced more often

Cohabiting together before marriage couples get divorced more often than others who start living together after the wedding. So says a new study published in the journal Live Science.
Living together before marriage couples get divorced more often

The dynamics of the relationship

In the study, a survey was conducted among more than 1,000 married and married men and women aged 18-34 years, who are married less than 10 years. The questionnaire survey included questions that show the relationships of the victim, of negative communication and sexual satisfaction. Among other things, the respondents also were questioned about, did they ever seriously the idea of divorce. About 40% of respondents said that they did not live together before marriage, 43% of them lived together before engagement, and about 16% have started to live together after the engagement.

Couples who lived together before marriage reported significantly lower satisfaction with relationships and frequent thoughts about divorce than others. For example, 19% of those who lived together before the engagement ever seriously considered the option to disperse, compared to 12% of couples who started to live together before marriage, and 10% living together after the wedding. "This is consistent with our theory that people who live together before marriage, have often made it just because they lived together for a long time and, basically, it is expected of them. Their motivation is not love and the desire for a common future," says the study's author.

Why live together

On the other hand, people will find many reasons to live together. In another study, the results of which were published in the February issue of the Journal of Family Issues, explored the reasons why people want to live together. Over 60% of respondents as the first reason indicated a greater amount of time they could spend together. In second place was financial gain, which became important for 19%, and 14% said that living together before marriage is the best way of checking relations.

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