Such an intimate gift like lingerie, it is impossible to give to friends, acquaintances and colleagues. If a man gives lingerie to a woman, it could be regarded as an offer to engage in sexual relations. So a gift of lingerie can be appropriate only in the case if you bought for a life partner.

Women should not do each other such gifts. The fact is that when you buy lingerie it is important to consider not only the personal taste of a person but also his size. Bought "the eye" a gift, most likely, will be not suitable. Overall, if you're really keen to give underwear, it is better to buy a gift certificate that people could choose things on their own.


Perfumes and toilet waters is also considered an intimate gift. They are appropriate to give only close people. It is not advisable to give a perfume to a person who is just a friend or girlfriend, this can cause jealousy on the part of the other half. By the way, for someone to choose a perfume is not so simple: even knowing his tastes, it is impossible to be completely sure that a particular flavor would be appropriate and enjoy.

Means to care for themselves

Rarely be appropriate gifts of various hygiene products. For example, shampoo and shower gel can be perceived as a hint that he smells bad. A cream from wrinkles or acne will serve as a tactless indication of the fault. So choose this kind of gifts should be very careful. If you have the desire to give something of care, then a good choice would be, for example, handmade soap or a set of essential oils for aromatherapy.

Household gifts

Women should not be presented as a gift to kitchenware, and men — building tools. Household gifts, of course, useful, but pleasant is not exactly call them. Maybe someone really happy with a new pan or set of screwdrivers, but someone such gifts will not be happy. Especially such gifts are not appropriate between close friends.

Pets and plants

Present animals only in the case that the man himself asked. Otherwise, such a gift can become extremely unpleasant surprise, even if the person has repeatedly stated that he dreams of a dog or cat. The same applies to potted plants. They can be an excellent gift to the person who really loves plants and knows how to care for them, but only subject to prior arrangement.


A very delicate gift is money. Not every person will be delighted with this gift. Someone can even refuse the money, given as a gift. However, they is appropriate as a wedding gift. Only give it is better not to mail the envelope, and in a special gift card or piggy Bank.