Unleash your selfishness

There are only a few really reliable guarantees, but this is the one you can count on: follow only your own benefit, well-being and contentment, sooner or later everyone will be patience. In childhood you were taught that you must give more than you take. Act in accordance with the motto "Take what you want, and your relationship will be short-lived.

Justify his infidelity

The next big step towards marital disaster is the motto: "due to the fact that the eyes do not see, heart does not hurt". According to statistics, in the marriage commits adultery more than half the people. Once, however, you will begin to justify the betrayal in their thoughts, are much more likely to do it.

Expect idyll

Assume that your marriage will be completely "smooth running", without any complications. When will come the first quarrel, they have to catch you by surprise so consider them as conclusive evidence that you each other do not come, and you need to leave. So your relationship will work only until the first big problem or quarrel.


Building a quality marriage takes time and effort. However, a large number of people are not aware of this fact and expect quick results without effort. Understanding the mentality of another person requires a lot of time because you cannot expect that your partner will change in a moment just according to your wishes. In addition, you need time to learn how to compromise and solve problems constructively. So, if you want the divorce, the recipe is simple: hurry up, don't ever change, demand that things have improved themselves.