The initial version of the new Russian crossover was XRAY Concept, which was shown to the public in 2012. A totally new concept for domestic cars made a huge impression on avtolubiteley the public a very interesting design, similar to the exterior from the future.

In the final version 2015 crossover has changed in size – reduced, and the shape – simplified. Now it is classified as a high hatchback. Since December of last year, new car released in the series and planned a gradual quantitative development. For the Russian avtopotrebiteley Lada XRAY is still not really solved the riddle, although they already have the results of the conducted test drives of a new model of the domestic auto industry.

Appearance of Lada XRAY

As noted above, the exterior five-door XRAY, compared to the neighbors in autoplace, enriched by many style elements:

• advanced optical system with led lines

• radiator trim with romiromi, resembling the sign "X",

• stylish bumper, secure the bottom plastic

• additional optics, boomerango-shaped,

• punch on the sides in the form of divergent rays.

Interior Lada XRAY

The interior of the new car cannot be called elegant. But its functionality, quality finishes, comfort and minimalist elements make the cabin quite comfortable and modern. Installation of on-Board computer with touch control made it possible to improve the controllability of the vehicle by obtaining timely information on the screen, and comfort for the driver. A practical different the boot, capacity of which is doubled by adding rear seats.


At present, the compact crossover Lada XRAY only works on front-wheel-drive powertrain. In the near future, manufacturers plan to equip cars with all-wheel drive. The choice of the customers offered seven types of bundling with three variants of petrol engines and the mechanical transmission is in gear. Engine with maximum power of 123 BHP is equipped with the new robotic manual transmission. The starting price of 589 thousand rubles.