Usually all problems with the nails are in the power, because healthy nail plate necessary daily intake of nutrients. If their is not enough, the nails will start to exfoliate and break, so it's important to have in your diet foods that contains a lot of calcium, Biotin, silicon and sulfur. In addition to food, all these substances are necessary for the health of your nails, are present in a natural mineral paints, which can be found in any pharmacy.

The secret of beautiful and well - groomed nails-this is the right manicure tools. All scissors and tweezers must always only be sharp, otherwise you will not remove the burrs or cuticle, and pull them off, and then the skin around the nail and the nail will be red and inflamed. And in some cases it may even bring pain. As for the nail file, it is necessary to purchase is made of glass, because it is the gentle material towards your weakened nail plates.

If you notice that your nails have acquired a yellowish tint, it is not necessary to worry. In this case, just enough to make a few whitening masks based on lemon juice, and your nails will again be the same color. For this treatment it is necessary to moisten a cotton pad in lemon juice and wipe the surface of your nails.

Apply on hands and nails special nourishing and restorative cream. And nails several times a week it is necessary to take a salt bath. To do this, take the sea salt, add warm water and hold it there with your finger tips for 20 minutes. This way you will strengthen your nails, and they will not break.

Try to give your nails at least 10 minutes a day, and then they will delight you with its beautiful, manicured and healthy appearance.