Of course, without love, too, will fail strong family hearth, but understanding and trust is the main thing on which hold a strong relationship enduring many years of hardships of life and routine.

Upon entry into adolescence starts thinking of new possibilities, there is a sense of maturity and desire to make their own decisions. Unfortunately, during this period, many parents lose contact with their children.

Owing to hormonal changes teenagers are aggressive, contradictory, do not want to listen to the admonitions of the elders, which seem to them tedious. They think that no one understands. They find the same interests, communicate, meet, and most dangerous to fall in love... It is then can begin the real adult problems. At a young age relationships seem so easy and without problems only parents prevent to be together, so it seems many in love.

Time passes, and using all the charms of adult life, carefree time is coming to an end, with the advent of children changes everything. Now the two once carefree, relaxed and endlessly enamoured of a man faced with great challenges with responsibility... Responsibility for their children, financial situation, housing problems, life, and more.

It was at this time manifest the true feelings and the willingness to create a family. Often the young couple simply cannot cope with the pressure of events and all the love as the wind blows away.

To prevent this from happening, you need to know a few rules. Time. All human qualities are manifested over time;

Hormones. They affect our attitude to man, they wear rose-colored glasses and hide flaws, the feeling of love is and are the real feelings that can compare with fleeting passion.

Responsibility. Before you create a family you must learn to make decisions and act, feeling the full brunt of responsibility for themselves and their actions. You must understand that family is first and foremost unity with the other half, understanding each other and respect.