However, from the point of view of the law, civil marriage is a marriage, registered by the authorities. All other forms of living together are cohabiting.

The reasons why partners do not want to officially register the relationship, can be very different. For example, as the cause may be the unwillingness to take on certain commitments or fear of property disputes in divorce cases.

Initiative cohabitation without registration of relations in the registry office, usually comes from men. This is because he's getting all the benefits of living together in terms of shifting to domestic issues on women's shoulders and regular sexual relations. Thus, the man is not willing to assume the responsibilities associated with official status of the spouse.

In the event of a rupture of relations, a woman cannot claim a share in the division of jointly acquired property. If necessary, a man could easily leave the woman without incurring any obligation, and find yourself a new mistress.

The woman, on the contrary, refers to cohabitation, even without official registration of relations seriously and sincerely considers himself a wife. However, this is only self-deception, although the last such years. Continued relations without official registration is possible as long as it is profitable to man.

In the public mind and the partner is still perceived as a concubine with no rights and with which you can leave at any time. Living without official registration of the marriage relationship, remember that in case of death of a partner, the other party can not inherit his property. The Outlook for later years to be left with nothing should stop a woman from such a relationship.

Thus, cohabitation remains, no matter how beautiful words, it was not called.