To get rid of the unpleasant symptoms, you need to remove the reasons for their occurrence, namely:

bad mood,

- stress,

- wrong food.

For early toxicosis did not stop to enjoy pleasant moments, radically change your habits:

- start to eat frequently and small portions

- put it in her purse "Tick-tock", it helps against nausea, home can eat a slice of lemon or add mint to tea,

- try to rest more during the day,

- instead of driving in a crowded stuffy transport rather walk a few stops on foot,

- try to allocate more time to sleep, read good literature, go to sleep with good thoughts

- talk with the kid, he gets used to your voice and calm developing,

- in the evenings with my husband to walk better in the Park, it will be useful as a future mother and future father - you'll sleep better

- take yoga classes.

Healthy eating useful for all, but the future mummies it is necessary. Every week and every month of your baby's development must be supported by proper nutrition, then the child will be easier to grow up healthy, and will not have to take any resources of your body. Listening to your body, it will be easier to find the right solution in a variety of food.

In early pregnancy be sure to add in food folic acid, it is most green vegetables, are involved in the formation of the neural tube of the fetus, which prevents the vices of its development and is essential in the first trimester of pregnancy. The famous American obstetrician Tom brewer developed the power system for expectant mothers. Maybe someone it will help.

During pregnancy it is not necessary to give up the sport, but within reasonable limits. Yoga helps to cope with nausea, Pilates is to prepare the muscles for childbirth, the pool is to unload the spine. Don't sit at home constantly, go outside, breathe fresh air, enjoy the flowering trees, singing birds, a little rain or the first snow.

Most importantly, to smile, your mood is the mood of the baby!