The first reason to become a dad is advertised, genetically programmed to "scatter seed." In today's world we often hear of various social prejudices, such as "children should be born very early", "sex only after wedding". These stereotypes apply to insecure guys who get married to justify their moral education.

Another reason to become a dad is a conscious decision men that the children in your life the most important thing. And this reason follows from the program "how is so and I', i.e. 20-30 years, the person is obliged to have a child, because then it will be too late. The program is firmly rooted in the minds of men, but this attitude often leads to unhappy marriages. For the results of their genetic programs, the society is not responsible. In such circumstances, unfortunately, are born about 90% of children. And fathers at all corners shouting about the fact that "children are the meaning of life." Although in reality they are forced to become fathers, they are not ready for parenting.

The only sane reason to become a dad – planning for the child at a later age. It was then that the man fully aware of his life. It wakes up another genetic program – to share life experiences and to leave a legacy. Many men decide to have a baby for love. Because I want to see his reflection in it and know that he needs their love.