But before to sell it, it is necessary to perform some actions through which the new owner will not be able to take advantage of their data. First make a backup of the most valuable materials, video or photo archives. Perfect if you have a USB flash drive or SSD drive to store what You most valuable, as all will be irrevocably destroyed.

Also it is necessary to deactivate and deauthorize the licenses installed commercial programs to a new computer easily to put in and activate. After keeping what You value and how you license formatted, i.e., erase everything from the hard drive in the "My PC" alternately, click the RMB on the hard drives and choose the option *format*, will activate a full format, though it is a longer time, but erases not only the names, but everything else.

A quick format will erase only the names of files, folders and directories, i.e. visually You will not see them, but they will remain in place and can be difficult to make everything readable. Check and make sure that all the data you destroyed, except those that you copied to another storage medium and disconnect it from the system. Then restart the computer. That's all.