Gloating is hardly the best source of worldly pleasures. From this sense better to get rid of. Immediately, of course, does not work, you will have to do the work for a while, but it will bring only benefits.

The first is to try to expand the circle of acquaintances, trying to communicate more with completely opposite people. The difference can cause hostility and rejection, but it is only in the beginning. Later replaced by understanding, maybe even sympathy. Such contacts help the person to develop the ability to see the world through different eyes, give conscious experience of empathy. Psychologists call this empathy.

To help change for the better can and classic literature. Just enough to get a list of the most outstanding works and to find time for "Dating" them. It should be understood that a mystical adventure of pop will not be useful.

We are talking about the true literary classics: Dostoevsky, Bulgakov, Chekhov, Shakespeare, Wilde, Dickens. Active communication, backed by proper books in a year and a half will give the desired result. With the advent of interest in other people gloating will gradually begin to recede.