It contains in its composition of sugars, vitamins of all major groups, iron, copper, magnesium. People have long recognized that it is not just a delicious and beautiful berry, but also an invaluable contribution to their health.

1. Serotonin.

The content in sea buckthorn serotonin plays an important role in the normal coordinated work of the whole nervous system of the body.

2. The oil of sea buckthorn berries.

This oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, so it works well for pain from various injuries and wounds. Very quickly heals and has analgesic properties. Sea buckthorn oil has many useful properties and can be used for both external treatment and internal. Increases in liver levels of protein substances. Affects the acceleration of regenerative processes of the body. Many people used in the treatment of diseases of the throat and laryngitis.

3. Sea buckthorn berry.

Really need multivitamin fruit that contains a lot of useful elements. Berries can be stored in the refrigerator frozen, and it still will not lose its natural qualities. It is a means to enhance memory, as well as almost indispensable for the prevention of degenerative disc disease of the elderly.

4. Sea buckthorn juice.

Best cure for severe dry and wet cough, especially when drinking with honey.

5. Tea from sea buckthorn leaves.

It is a storehouse of vitamins from leaves brewed in one Cup. Strengthens immunity and prevents a variety of diseases, including beriberi.

6. A decoction of the seeds of sea buckthorn.

Found a use for myself to help with indigestion. Also a powerful natural laxative.

7. A decoction of berries.

You need to cure stomach ulcers? It is a healthy beverage, quick action. Using the broth very quickly and efficiently removed from the body Lesny acid and alkali.

Many popular recipes from sea buckthorn helps with gout, various degrees of rheumatism.

8. Fresh berries of sea buckthorn.

They are used for small burns of the skin and hypothermia. Work well for the treatment and disinfection of septic wounds and irritations on the skin.

9. Juice, berries and decoctions used for the treatment of potency.