If the beautiful lady a man caught in a lie, there is only one option, why it happened. First and foremost, partner, thus, make it easier on yourself. For example, a woman requires a man to do a specific job, but he doesn't want. To avoid the order, the men are forced to invent various excuses. Since the failure of the task will be met with criticism, accusations and attempts to appeal to the conscience. Sometimes women are forcing their men to lie, for example, when you ask hard-hitting questions.

Men don't always lie to hurt the lady. Sometimes their lies are caused by attempts to save the nerves of the woman he loves from the bitter truth. There are five main reasons that motivate the strong floor to stand on a slippery slope of deception.

1. The desire to do something nice. Unfortunately, compliments are a slight exaggeration of the truth. It should be noted that representatives of the stronger sex rarely notice when they cross this thin line. This is due to a sincere desire to make a nice favorite.

2. The desire to please. It happens that the man lies about his accomplishments to attract the attention of any lady. The stronger sex like and weak, prone to complexes. Therefore, the desire to show himself in a favorable light is mutual.

3. Attempts to protect against disappointment. Men try all means to preserve relationships and not to provoke scandals. This is considered a consequence of huge desire to save the pretty lady from disappointment.

4. Habit to deceive. It is very difficult to build a harmonious relationship with a partner who is a pathological liar.

5. Deliberate deception. Typically, this type of lie used by manipulators. To the use of lies to provoke a desire to get something from a particular woman.

How to find out that a loved one is misleading? There are several effective techniques to make sure that the partner is lying.

When a person tries to scratch your nose, close your mouth or touch fingers to lips, then mark the insincerity of the speaker.

You need to pay attention to the speech of the interlocutor. If it is calm and smooth, most of all, a liar is already rehearsing his story.

Say, if a man does not lie, so he doesn't care about the feelings of women. But don't forgive the lie, even if it is good. Try to convince your partner that a lie has a negative impact on trust.