"Having received a positive response from Tesla, we significantly enhanced the level of future races. After all, the more advanced manufacturers we can attract, the more interesting will be the viewer and potential buyer. Consider a similar competition advocacy movement "clean" cars of the future," said one of the organizers.

To present the North American company will be the Model S, namely more adapted version of this sedan. However, to upgrade this model will have in several directions. First, engineers should help ease some presents and work on increasing its aerodynamics. Second, designers must pay special attention to ensuring driver safety and improved braking system.

In a typical configuration, this rear-wheel drive sedan has a capacity of 416 HP, is there any way to increase this indicator it is not yet known, although claiming to be the victory the other way for the Model S simply does not. Such basic elements as transmission, electronic content, location of the battery.

Otherwise, the engineers Tesla will need to patent a whole new kind of specialized racing car that the user of the above-mentioned North American company is not yet ready.