All this does not interfere with each other, on the contrary, fascinates and delights. Abrupt transitions from past to present is absolutely not oppressed, every part of the city complements each other and gives this place a special touch!

The city of Fuqing (city district Fogo)

Over all love this province? The first is its nature. Yes, it's damp, often rainy, almost not visible in direct sunlight, but it covers the fresh air. Such as here is nowhere, it seems that a second wind! You want to inhale it all, entirely! From the air, Fogo has its own flavor, it tastes of spring, which is felt almost physically!

Just close my eyes and immerse myself in it completely. Vegetation, green, fresh green! Always in the same season and it very much. No dust, no dirt. Everything's growing in the greenhouse, around the squares, parks, trees, flowers, lawn! All this is good news.

Street food

Well, what to hide, eat all we like. Street food here is offered a separate place, and it is very popular. Hundreds of "zufanek" open with the sunset and the time starts frying, boiling, baking all that is possible. Now, let's compare: evening, amazing air, you sit in the active Park area, eat grilled octopus with sweet & sour sauce, mushrooms with local spices, buns that have just cooked and roasted on the coals and drink all the banana milk. Not bad, right?