In Europe there are a large number of States that attract tourists with great resorts. In this respect, tiny Albania has not yet had time to gain momentum. Despite this, she's really nice and there's plenty to see. The main attraction is the local nature. Where else can you enjoy such beauty? Dense forest, rocky peaks, green slopes and, of course, gentle waves of the Adriatic sea. Year attractions of Albania attract more and more tourists.

Croatia and Italy can start to get nervous, because the quality of a beach holiday Albania is serious competition. The state has access to the Ionian and Adriatic seas. Due to mixing of different cultures and religions, the country has unique attractions and atmosphere. That only is the market in the city of Tirana. Hardly any European city can boast such an exotic Eastern Bazaar.

Those tourists who decided to rest in the city of Shkodra, just have to visit the ancient mosque of Sheikh Abdullah Zamil. Its impressive dimensions are fascinating. Also nearby is a beautiful Public Museum. On the lower floors houses a huge exhibition of archaeological finds. They were brought here from all over Albania. On the upper floors is a unique collection of photographs. Special attention deserves the section dedicated to the socialist past of the state. Outside the city, there are a number of mosques and fortresses.