Here two currents meet, the southern, cold and rich in plankton that form the base of the food chain, ending with whales, seals and dolphins, and warm, North, raising living organisms from the depths. Another factor is the number of extremely deep coastal canyons, which are home to octopus, squid, and large fish.

Many of the local whales are "adolescents" eating relatively easy prey, until they grow up. The whales dive for food in the canyons and spend about three-quarters of their time underwater. Going to a meeting with them on trips I use the hydrophones to the sounds that emit these animals, to establish their locations and determine when and where they will come to the surface.

Bay Kaikoura is also the habitat of Hector's dolphins. They are extremely small, very rare, and the opportunity to watch them, sipping coffee on the veranda, is truly unique. Another amazing opportunity offered boat trip to the dolphins, summer living a few kilometers from the coast. Being in a good mood, these energetic animals get pleasure from the presence of the guests and arrange for their real performances, performing synchronized trampoline, double flip, or just flopping on his belly.