America is a country of freedom where you certainly want to get all lovers of freedom itself. Numerous trips to the USA include a visit to all the most recognizable landmarks that we saw in the movie – the statue of Liberty, Hollywood, and numerous natural monuments of America, etc., Tourists are also recommended to be sure to visit the West coast of America, where he is the legendary Hollywood.

A huge number of attractions of all sorts are waiting for tourists in Central America. Definitely need to visit Chicago's museums, among which you can find great museums of modern and classical art. All that is required is a qualitatively organized tour, and the sights of the legendary American cities will make the right impression. Russian speaking guests will have the opportunity to become acquainted with those parts of the world, which previously they had only read in books and heard in the movie. The most popular cities among Russian tourists in the USA is Chicago, new York and Los Angeles.

In winter the most popular tours to ski resorts and national parks of the country. In summer, guests prefer a trip to the beautiful beaches of Florida and Hawaii. In the framework of the city's tourists will have the opportunity not only to see the sights, hear their story, but also to taste the best cuisine of the United States, to participate in the national games.