Advice 1: Why do people hurt

Very often you can see how one person offends another. Some people like it very much. But what is the reason of such behavior towards other people? Let's clarify.
Why do people hurt
The first reason may be you themselves. Think maybe it's not to offend you, but you're just so touchy person who takes everything too close to heart? If so, the first thing is to work on yourself than to be offended on other people.
The second reason may be the well-known "vampirism". This is when people just clings to you in detail, in order to receive for your expense of energy. Such people often unremarkable, so they attract attention only in this way. For example, they may be rude to you for no reason. You should not respond to such people. Best preignite such a person. You also only this will be better.
Also cause of offense may be simply that we don't know how to communicate and listen to the other person. Often because of this and hurt each other people of the opposite sex, for example, a husband and wife.
You know what the heat of passion? It is a violent psychological shock, because of which the person is not able to control their emotions. Agree, because not everyone is able to answer for themselves and for their actions in a fit of anger and despair. That is why they hurt others because they did not control yourself in the moment.
Well, the last cause is the lack of manners. If a person was raised in a very rough situation, he, accordingly, will behave in relation to others. And for sure, not because he wants to hurt you, but simply differently he can not communicate. If this is the case, then the problem is just, that he, in fact, can easily solve. This is only want to. Good luck!

Advice 2: Why people cheat on each other?

If there was a betrayal of one spouse, all at once begin to think that the love is gone. Because a loving person can not be disrespectful and humiliate her half way. But psychologists have their own point of view, according to which treason can only talk about the crisis in the relationship, not about what feelings are gone.
Why people cheat on each other?

The relationship stalled, and they need to move from a dead point

This situation can occur unconsciously. The transition to a new stage of relations requires a certain crisis situation. For some, such a situation becomes treason, which, in the opinion of one of the partners can liven up the relationship, or to put them a point.

The desire to define themselves

Even in a happy marriage one of the spouses may have doubts that it lives as once wanted. If the answer is positive, then the hazards relationship is not, but in case of negative answer can begin the search of new sensations, including a new sexual partner.

The accident

There are times when infidelity occur spontaneously. This may be to blame alcohol, a certain emotional state, leading to an error, fix that will be difficult.

Family crisis

Women's and men's infidelity is often caused by the appearance in the child's family. The man explains treason because the wife is not giving him time, not taking care of himself, gaining weight. The woman on change can push the output of the decree. Isolation ended, the woman appears again in the society, and here it is waiting for fresh emotions, and with them having an affair.

The thirst for experience

Early marriage, lack of sexual partners before the relationship can cause one of the partners begins to feel that he could get more of a variety of emotions and feelings, if he had more partners. And the first love passes, and the couple begin to see that life is not just limited to relationships. As a rule, cheating in this case ends with the dissolution of the relationship.


The lack of attention, rudeness, cheating often mean that the offended partner is cheating trying to get revenge for inflicted wrongs.


In the absence of a full and varied sex life in marriage starts to make sense (sometimes deceptive) that the other person will be better. Situation is often a dead end – it is better from infidelity did not, the feeling was the same, but the relationship after the affair at risk.

Attempt to verify the femininity or masculinity

Sometimes sex life cools down, the man ceases to feel confident, and the woman is desirable. To prove yourself the opposite, one of the partners (and sometimes both) tries to return confidence with another partner.

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