As part of kelp contains a set of necessary for human organism substances: amino acids, alginates, contributing to the bundle in the digestive system of harmful toxins, cholesterol. Due to this property of alginates the body is cleared, normal operation of the immune system. The composition of this wonder plant contains another "cholesterinspiegel" - Sterin, it helps blood vessels to stay young and clean.

Long-term observations and studies have shown that the people of China and Japan, residing in the territories of their countries and have a long culture of consumption of seaweed, atherosclerosis hurt 10 times less than their compatriots who left for permanent residence in Western countries. Sterols inhibit thrombosis, increased blood viscosity, normalizes the cardiovascular system. Polyunsaturated acids contained in kelp, help to strengthen blood vessels.

Seaweed, however, like all seafood, rich in iodine, which is necessary for the functioning of the thyroid gland and the whole endocrine system. The structure of these seaweed includes many vitamins and minerals. When compared with white cabbage, which also has a lot of useful properties, the composition of kelp magnesium, iron and phosphorus contains much more.

A comprehensive set of vitamins normalizes metabolism, promotes the development of immune cells. Among fans of a healthy diet this product has earned a lot of respect. Having a very low calorie kelp is able to increase the volume while in the stomach, which helps to reduce the portion of eaten meals, gives a feeling of satiation. The presence of a mild laxative effect, helps to cope with certain types of constipation, so taking this product recommended when certain irregularities in the digestive tract.

These algae have a specific taste, so they do not add to dishes during cooking. Best used as one of the ingredients of different salads. The kelp trade is presented in a dried, ice cream, canned types.