Rows of carrots are almost every garden. Gardeners try to grow a carrot so that she was beautiful, strong and healthy. If the crop is not as good as expected, the cause could be one. Inexperienced gardeners mostly blame the terrible weather or poor seeds.

But all is not so simple – crop roots depends including from farming, which should pay the most serious attention. Performed correctly and in time the glaze will have a big impact on the development and growth of plants, the formation of the root, to taste.

If you just sow the seeds in the soil and make the glaze when it is time, it turns out carrots are small, deformed or "wooden".

How often you need to water the carrots

Irrigation raised beds of carrots have about a week to ten days. Watered the carrots are rare, but evenly and abundantly. It is important to maintain uniform soil moisture at a depth of approximately 10-20 cm. If in this layer to allow excess moisture may start branching root, and the root will wither away.
The lack of moisture in this layer and frequent watering with small amounts of water lead to the formation of the root of a large number of roots.

Useful after each irrigation at the same time to produce a slight loosening of soil is done in order to form a solid crust on earth. When loosening the soil at the same time annihilated constantly appearing on the surface of the soil weeds.
Due to frequent loosening is avoided invasions of the carrot fly, which has laid their eggs close to the root. For prevention you can also sprinkle the ashes along the rows of carrots.

The glaze on the system

It is best to make watering the carrots according to the following scheme:
- The most abundant and frequently to water the carrots should be in the period of emergence. To do so, should, until, until 3-4 stalk tops.
- When the root has already started to Mature and a little swelled, water can be a little less. Watering should be regular, adjust amount of water depending on soil conditions. On heavy soil the water will need more.
- More closely to the glaze should be treated around mid-August. This is the period when the root is from uneven watering may result in a crack.

The General rule for watering is the degree of moistening of the soil should be monitored. Carrots need time to thin out extra shoots will take away the moisture of the plants. To make the glaze must regularly, it is not particularly abundant, but drying of the soil to prevent is not worth it.