These cocktails are not all like that among the opponents of this drink are of the opinion that green smoothies are extremely difficult to digest and benefit from them a bit. Most likely, this is due to dysfunction of the stomach, which is unable to produce sufficient quantity of gastric juice for proper digestion. In fact, it takes some time to get the body used to good cocktail and began to develop the necessary enzymes in the right quantity.

Those who have included in their daily menu green smoothies, speak positively about the improvement in health. There's an energy, fatigue is reduced, they even say that it is possible to look younger and to bring your body weight back to normal, if you drink every day such cocktails.

The benefits of green smoothies:

Drinks of greens is full of vitamins, fiber, minerals, essential macro - and micronutrients.

- Cellulose contained in plants, has rejuvenating and antioxidant properties.

With the help of the cocktails are cleansed from toxins, recover from many diseases and allow the body weight to normal.

Cocktail will give you energy and ease all day.

- Green smoothies are highly nutritious, contain digestible proteins and amino acids. Saturation comes quickly, it does not feel discomfort and heaviness in the stomach.

Green smoothies do not have contraindications. They can be used even for children after six months.

The rules of cooking healthy cocktail:

You can use any greens that you like (celery, dill, parsley, sorrel, goutweed, nettle leaves, green sprouts of soya, wheat and so on). Is not prohibited to add other vegetables or fruit. The proportions are your choice, but it is desirable that the green part had prevailed to shake. Fruits and vegetables do not mix, otherwise the cocktail will be harder to digest. Selected ingredients put in a Cup of a blender, add water for more liquid consistency and grind. Water can not be added, but then the consistency of the cocktail will be dense.

When and how to drink the green drink?

Clear instructions on the use of cocktails there – all individually. For starters, you can start taking the cocktail in the morning instead of the usual Breakfast or complementing it. You can also consume the drink between meals.