How to keep the diary a healthy way of life? Below we discuss the secrets that will help you cope with this task!

1. You need to include all foods and drinks that you consume during the day. It is desirable to measure them in portions. This means writing down the butter, which you smear on a bagel, cream and sugar in your morning coffee, soda. It should be noted, even those pieces of food that you taste when you cook dinner. Be honest with yourself and accurately record everything. Because of this you will be able to detect when and what to move.

2. Mealtime plays an important role. Try to write everything down immediately after a meal. So, you will forget that it consumed during lunch or dinner. Also note the duration of the meal and time. Consider snacks. This indicator will help to adjust your eating habits and diet.

3. The convenience of a diary. Filling of the food journal should be a simple task that will not take much time. Some people find it easier to use a special app on your smartphone. Most importantly, you need to keep a diary every day. A method of recording data plays no role in the end.

4. Record your level of hunger. You can use a special scale, where 1 is very hungry and 5 being completely full. This will help to understand the cause of hunger. Maybe you eat out of boredom or physical activity require more calories. This approach will give you the opportunity to understand their feelings and deal with the mindless absorption of food.

5. Review your food diary at the end of the day. Self-criticism will help to create new habits. You can use this information to determine your tasks for the next day. For example, you may find that at a long break between meals, you become irritable or depressed. As a result, this leads to overeating. We hope that our article will be useful for you and help you as quickly as possible to achieve the desired weight!