Advice 1: Selection of paints for home

How do you want to the house was not only comfortable, but also beautiful. In order to make the home (inside and outside) original and fun, you only have to paint it.
Selection of paints for home

To choose paint and color properly, otherwise nothing good with this undertaking did not succeed.

The first step is to determine where would be done painting the house, inside or outside. This is very important because paint and parts paint for interior and exterior.

For your kitchen is perfect the colors are calm and pale tones, best of all, cool shade. The colors are: blue, light blue, light green, white, light pink. It is also important that the paint was environmentally friendly, we can recommend the water-based paint, for example, acrylic water-based.

Living room will look great, if you do the painting in white, yellow, red, green, blue and brown. Each of them represents something and in its own original look on the walls of the room in which most often receive guests.

The color of the walls in the bedroom should be quiet and not sharp, he must do atmosphere that will relax you. It is better to use warm, bright colors such as yellow, green, blue.

In the bathroom, you should paint the walls a light color to visually enlarge the space. According to the same principles pick the color for the hallway.

But what color paint would you choose, the main thing that they liked you and brought calm.

Advice 2: How to choose paint for the walls in the kitchen

Eventually every kitchen needs repair. Many people wonder how to choose a good paint for the walls, so that they permanently retain their attractive appearance? In order to make a choice in favor of a particular paint, you need to know what properties it has and decide what exactly you expect from it.
How to choose paint for the walls in the kitchen
Choose water-based paint, if the staining of the walls have very little time and need, so they quickly dry. In this type of paint has a lot of advantages, they emphasize and experienced builders and ordinary townsfolk. Latex paint dries very quickly and has no peculiar smell. Moreover, to exploit the painted surface can after several hours. The advantages of this paint is the fact that she did not believe chemical. This means that any allergic reactions after using it will not. Color of latex paint you can create yourself just by adding in its composition a variety of color pigments. This will be able to help the store Manager where you can select a material. He will tell you what pigment is used to obtain the desired result.
Another option for the walls in the kitchen is alkyd paint. This paint is very feels good in any environment. Use it both for domestic work and work outside. I advise you to choose it for decorating the kitchen as she is capable to resist aggressive environments and conditions. This type of paint is not affected by either high humidity or fluctuating temperatures. The main component of alkyd paints is resin. Therefore, choosing a paint, look for the contained amount of resin. The greater the percentage of resin in it – the more elastic the paint.
Often advise to use for kitchens epoxy and polyurethane paint. They have higher rate of resistance to water and have remarkable qualities. And for kitchen walls, these figures are one of the main. The basis of these paints are epoxy and polyurethane resins. The value indicator in these paints are quite high. That is why, not always, these paints are used for repair. Although the color of the walls one of these colors ensures a long operation, sometimes even too long. And the kitchen as any other room in need of regular repair. Therefore, the choice of these colors is not always justified for the kitchen walls.
Latex paint is the most simple in its breeding. In order to dissolve the paint, will need only a certain amount of water. Don't have to use any solvents.
Useful advice
Epoxy paint is by many indicators the most ideal option for kitchens, but the most expensive relative to other colors.
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