Discipline yourself to read the book. And it must be not just the tabloid novels and serious literature, which makes to think, to understand something new. If you read occasionally have to look into the dictionary, then you are on the right track. Try to start to read classics, and then you will understand what you have is the soul.
Turn off the TV. During mindless TV watching the brain receives important information, but not resting. The result is a mindless waste of time and resources. Much more useful for mental development would be to rent a movie and watch it. Instead of sitting in front of the "box" there's a lot more to read, chat with friends, listen to music.
Regularly give yourself exercise: go out dancing, to the gym or exercise at home. It would seem, good for the brain from physical education no. But it is not. After the exercise program head works much better. The person feels invigorated and can concentrate on work.
"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealth and wise". Lack of sleep is detrimental to IQ. In addition, most people are most productive in the morning. Get in the habit to sleep at least eight hours – it stimulates your mental abilities.
Another useful habit is crossword puzzles and crossword puzzles. Riding the subway, standing in line with nothing to do at lunchtime – get out your journal and begin to unravel the words. If some of the cells you can not complete yourself, find the answer using the Internet.
Many people are terrified of loneliness, because at this time they are alone with their own thoughts. If you want to improve your IQ, give yourself time to think. You will understand what is important to you and unnecessary information just let it go.