In this style most often uses the following materials – metal, concrete, glass, and plastic (it is important to note that all materials must be created with the latest technology). The style refuses to use the small variety of trinkets adorn (and sometimes spoil) the appearance of the room.

High-tech highlights the brevity, simplicity and clarity, and the choice of colors will stop your eyes on pastel colours, it is possible to use red and blue colors. An important factor in the interior is the arrangement of things, they all have to be on your place (the place initially determined) and to do their function. Not the last role is played by the lighting, it should always create the illusion of daylight.

This style of interior will fit perfectly in a kitchen space because it requires a huge amount of modern technology. It is preferable to choose equipment for the kitchen in shades of gray.

Wonderful hi-tech style fits in the living space. Here recommend more modern means of illumination.

Walls should be designed using plain Wallpaper simply color variations or decorative plaster. To add to the living room some flavor, I propose to focus on the sofa or a chair, buying these items of furniture red or blue colors.