As you know, on the website Avito there are strict rules for serving ads, for example, are prohibited to double-submit the same ad is not allowed to use the same photos for different ads, etc. So first of all before you use the services of this website, carefully read all the rules. On the Internet site Avito for violations of use of the site you can not only refuse the placement of your ads, but to block your account. In this case there will be only re-registration with change of the data.

To resolve disputed questions you can contact customer support. Currently there is only one phone number under which you will be able to speak with the moderators of the site, it looks like this +7 (495) 411-51 -90. Calls are accepted from 10:00 to 13:00, however, due to the huge number of people willing to talk with the moderators to get through to them is almost impossible.

If you call support you don't succeed, then you can write a letter with the essence of the problem and send it to your email However, be prepared that the answer will come not earlier than in a week. Much faster replies if you write the letter on the site Avito. To do this, select the topic of the query, describe the essence of the question or claim, please fill and send the remaining data. In this case, the response can be expected in the next three days.