There is a special representation of the search robots on the assessment of resource popularity. It is believed that the more resources that refer to a particular website, the more authoritative it is. Of course, it's kind of logical, but there are some problems in the formula for calculating the popularity. However, we have to work according to the rules if necessary to ensure the website is so important for the development of project popularity.

As you know, the most qualitative are considered natural links. Those that appear naturally, that is, when the users themselves are beginning to refer to the website. But if no one knows about the site, then who will it be invoked? But here's the problem - search engine optimization is relevant only for those projects that already know the people.

But the search engine considered the site is popular, you can increase the number of links on the Internet. However, there are many different ways more or less available, and not so good. For example, ideally it would be nice to get links from popular resources, such as web publications in the popular media. Only for many it remains a dream. Else you can just buy these links on various websites for money, but sometimes the cost of a link can reach hundreds of thousands of rubles.

There are also more affordable ways of getting backlinks. One of these is a site run by the directory. Here you find white directory sites that are well search engine. It's pretty hard work. Also free directories, though there are many, but quite many of them have certain restrictions on the admission sites. Making a list of the available catalogs you can begin to register which is free. If the directory requires the placement of backlinks on the website, it is better not to use it. The fact is that, overflowing its own website these links can seriously damage the resource, and to fall under the filters, which is highly undesirable.

Runs on the directories involved a variety of people on the Internet. You can also find and base directories for free access. However, many such directories already simply ceased to exist and will have to do a manual search for new directories. If there is a possibility of a quality run from catalogs at a low price, it is a more profitable solution than to deal with their own search directories, because it requires a fairly time-consuming.

What make links from directories? Well, first of all it is possible to significantly increase the speed of website indexing by gaining external links. Also is an easy way to improve the TCI, although much of its lift does not work, because today runs on the directories has in fact lost its relevance. Also note that the directories quite quickly die and links from them will also cease to operate. But first, collect reference weight to be used and run on the catalogs. This is also useful for dilution of reference weight.