In order not to harm the promotion of the website needs to clearly study the requirements for sites search engines. Every search engine has its own set of rules, but they have common features. For example, they all require webmasters to the sites intended for people, and that webmasters tried to improve the quality of their resources. Also you cannot use different tricks to manipulate search results. Usually it means buying links and generating artificial traffic.

In many ways, the popularity of a website depends on behavioral factors. Therefore, each web resource should be pleasant to visitors and convenient to use. It is therefore important to pay attention to the design of usability, design, structure and other characteristics.

As for earnings on the website, many webmasters are trying to earn by selling links. In General, the rules of search engines you can't do that, but if you keep a certain accuracy, it is possible to profit to the detriment of the position in the results. So those webmasters who want to sell links from their sites should limit their appetite and sell links too often. The fact is that the more links will be sold from the site, the higher the chance to get under defined filters and this can severely harm the process of promotion. Not worth it to sell links from each page it is better to sell, if anything, one link for three to five articles. Then the value of the reference is higher, and the quality is not as strongly affected.

But most webmasters still prefer to earn on Internet advertising. Here, too, there are certain limitations. The fact that newcomers in the field of creation of sites usually trying to extract as much profit as possible by placing a large number of ad units. And that's too bad, because then the ads annoy visitors, especially if the blocks overlap the main content. To successfully earn advertising much more effective to correctly choose the place for placing of advertising blocks, and did not increase the amount of advertising.

In short, when placing on the website, various third party elements that help to make you need to remember that users, this should not cause unpleasant emotions. And if you follow the rules of search engines, study their algorithms it is possible to choose the most appropriate method of promotion and earnings. So you need to periodically review the various resources dedicated to the optimization and promotion of sites and then success is guaranteed.