Many uninformed novice online entrepreneurs believe that once they create the website, he immediately begins to make them fabulous money. Few of them think about how and where the money will be taken. All you need to think carefully study all the questions, just decide to do it or not because the site itself will do nothing, with him all the time you need to work.

Website creation

If the website is created with the purpose of earning, no free saytostroiteli platforms are not suitable. You need to website was created by professionals. Well, if the person has the appropriate education and know how to create sites, but in fact, most site owners are not professional programmers. They hire for these purposes, professionals. Today to find a good web Studio, even if it is in their city or region, you can use the same Internet. To visit her office and personally meet with the employees of web-Studio is not necessary, everything can be discussed online, even if they're thousands of miles away.

After receiving a ready resource, it is necessary to register in specialized directories, then go to promotion. But first you need to fill it with content. This textual content, photos, pictures, etc should be of high quality, interesting and unique. That is, it is not necessary to copy information from other sites and paste it all into your. It will not attract visitors. The content can also be ordered in specialized workshops copywriters or exchanges of articles, which in Runet a decent amount.


Promotion – advertising resource. It takes time, involves financial expenditure. The resource can be advertised in the media, on TV, on popular sites to use SEO-optimization and not only. You can also contact for this a specialist company offering services of promotion. It would be more efficient and cheaper.

How do you earn?

When the website is promoted, it will regularly visit users, you can already start making money on it. How? All the same is. You can place it on your site, or insert an active link in the content.