The easiest drink normal tea to add some plants. Often used as a Supplement, mint, Melissa, oregano, Smarty black sheet. The man with a shattered nervous system better brew drink only from medicinal plants, for example, of Ivan-tea or mint.

In the presence of a disease drink give direction. So, for colds added to the drinking mother-and-stepmother, defects in the stomach - blueberry or oak bark, and the disorder in digestion helps the root galangal.

To complicate the charges for drinks are not worth it, otherwise you "miss" and not achieve the desired result.

To obtain useful and at the same time, delicious drink you need to follow some rules. First we need to get spring water, or well clean out available. If neither that, nor another, in advance to get water from the tap, allow it to settle over night, for example. The water should be boiled only once, bringing it to the first bubbles. The tea pot should scald with hot water,dry,

Welding for the basics to take no more than two grams, the rest is to add grass. If the grass is supposed one, it will last 3-5 grams. Brewed tea, porcelain, or clay teapot need to wrap up and give the drink to infuse for 10 minutes, and you should know that the direction of action of tea depends on time of infusion: bracing tea needs to steep for 5 minutes, calming 10 minutes.

Avarka to put a little sugar, it improves the flavor. Speck of baking soda, put in pot, to help the drink to have a pleasant and mellow hue. Be aware that if you are using only one kind of grass soda is not added, it will worsen the medicinal properties of plants.

No need to boil the tea for the second time. Drinking should only use welding, it is not necessary to dilute it with water.

Mint relieves stomach cramps, calms the nerves, stops the pain, improves appetite. To achieve these effects we need to take a Cup of boiling water with one teaspoon of the plant and brewing, as already mentioned, within 10 minutes. The drink can be served as warm and cold.

As a diuretic it is possible to use a tea of currant leaf. If the tea is consumed for a long time, salt will be leached well, but your urine gets darker, then you should continue to drink this tea up to her until she did not brighten.

It should be noted that the drinks from natural raw materials also need to be approached carefully, given the characteristics of the organism.