Modern realities — race for the leadership, with the status, perfection, a very specific set of specific values — allows the narcissism to progress in people, making them helpless in the face of its failures. What are the signs of narcissism and what to do if this is a psychological disorder prevents you from living, we will discuss in this article.

Signs of narcissism

The roots of narcissism gone to childhood. As a rule, children brought up in a family where love and praise was necessary "to deserve", where each person had a certain "feature" that was carried out, where criticism was considered an "engine of progress" and the actions of the parents towards the child has been inconsistent.

A person suffering from narcissism, not able to build adequate self-esteem, it "shakes" from arrogance to self-abasement and back again, he strives for total control of your life, willingly accuses (yourself and others) and hard to accept. Narcissists are tormented by the uncertainty and the unknown, these people almost never run the risk of learning something new, and if at risk, so then getting samosohraneniya and fears that this experience negated. "In memory of childhood", "Narcissus" says a lot about who, what and how to do with your life what to be and what feelings to experience. The hallmark of the "Narcissus" is perfectionism and the desire to be appreciated and noticed. However, even when this happens, that person remains unsatisfied, as it instantly devalues their own achievements.

How to fix?

Unfortunately, this problem is fairly deep, and a clear answer to "what to do with narcissism and how to get rid of him," no. Besides, our whole life contributes to the manifestation of this personality disorder.

Undoubtedly, people suffering from narcissism, illustrates individual psychological therapy. It is very difficult. "Narcissus" is rarely recognized that he needed help, and even less able to accept this help. Therapy is often interrupted in the process so the patient can experience severe aggression both to the therapist and to himself. This is not easy to overcome, however, if a person really set a goal to get rid of the traumas of the past and the present, accept ourselves and live happily, all things are possible.