A few facts about sleep

Canadian endocrinologists argue that reducing sleep by two hours leads to excessive weight by 20% in males and 26-29% in women. Accordingly, the less sleep, so we have more time left for food!

The average person on the average spends in a dream about 23 years of life.

The motorist, who did not sleep 16-19 hours, dangerous driving, no less drunk.

Every hour sleep deprivation lowers our mental capacity by 1%.

Sleep helps to slow down aging, and the girl who didn't sleep all night, can look like a 40-year-old.

10 assistants good night's sleep:

- warm bath with chamomile extract;

- fresh air and even a short slow walk on foot before sleeping;

- relaxing massage of neck and shoulders;

blue or green in the bedroom;

- white noise: the cassette with the sound of the surf, the rustle of leaves, etc.;


- punctuality: go to sleep approximately at the same time;

- an ordinary sheet of paper: write on it all the resentments and anxiety that interfere with sleep;

- breathing: try to breathe, okay inflating the abdomen, imagine that you leave all the bad;

- performance: imagine a place where you find it good.

However, sometimes it is necessary for some period to ward off sleep. Then chew gum or dried fruit; drink coffee/tea a strong full bodied; warm up in the fresh air; wash with cold water; talk or if the situation allows, sing songs.