The story of Kalina

Even our grandmothers and great-grandmothers believed the Kalina plant of love. And so it hung in the house where the wedding.

The first stories about the viburnum berries and their force mentioned from the sixteenth century. This plant wrote the herbalists. The berries contains a lot of vitamin C. It's even more than in raspberries. And she also took first place on the content of carotene and phosphorus. This is much more than citrus.


Prepare Kalina

In fact, viburnum berries, you can collect twice a year. First time in the fall. It terminated immediately with tassels and hang in the house. And sometimes make a useful syrup. It is very easy to make. For this you need to fill viburnum berries with sugar (1: 1) and be a little overwhelming. This syrup can be taken all the cold winter. Especially if someone in the family ill with the flu or a cold. Easy to cure a cough and a runny nose. Also this syrup can be drunk to prevent in the cold season.


Even Kalina you can collect in the winter, in February. At this time of year the berries well chilled. These berries are considered to be much healthier and tastier. Though they are prepared slightly differently than the autumn. To prepare a medicine need of viburnum berries pour boiling water. After grate on a fine grater. This is done in order to separate the pulp from the rind. Will be very useful medication if to it to add a little honey. This drug will help to cure all diseases, especially stomach.

In the ancient Hungarian scientists say, if you take the syrup from the February viburnum berries three times a day, it can easily be cured even stomach ulcers. To achieve such a result, it is necessary to take this syrup three times a day for three months.

For a long time doctors were able to prove that the berries have medicinal properties. If you take the broth of pure rose, it is possible to easily protect your stomach from all diseases. It forms a protective film on the walls of the stomach. It protects against harmful bacteria and viruses that can damage cells. This decoction can relieve pain in the stomach.

Even cranberry juice can cure skin diseases. These include and acne. This elixir is prepared very simply. Need fresh Kalina to suppress or pass through the juicer and then the mixture drain. Apply this juice you need twice a day (morning and evening). They just wipe their face. The result can be noticed after a few days after applying this healing juice.