New procedure for obtaining medical certificate for driver's license

Recently, 8 February 2016, the Government has simplified this procedure. In which case it is not required to in a medical facility a certificate for a driver's license? So, a medical report you will not be required in the following cases:

  1. If you have changed your personal data (including the changed surname in connection with marriage or divorce).
  2. If the previous "brown" driver severely damaged or completely unfit unreadable state in which you want to replace a driver's license.
  3. If the licence was lost (lost, stolen, etc.).
  4. If you need to obtain an international driving permit.

In these cases, to replace a previously issued certificate, do not need to get an opinion from doctors about presence or lack of drivers or those who claim to drive contra-indications to management of vehicles.

And the rest?

In all other cases, candidates drivers have still to undergo a medical examination before the exam or replacement rights. Regulates this procedure, as before, above the law, but entered into force changes vnesenie Government resolution No. 65 of February 4, 2016.

For those who still need to get a medical report may just as before to get it, if we turn to the state budget healthcare facility or private medical center.

Please note!

We will remind that earlier has been returned to practice to pass the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist apart from the rest of the doctors in specialised medical institutions at the place of residence.