In addition, the lack of mechanization of labor made people to be in constant motion, every day spent a lot of calorie and low-calorie, plant foods are the fat did not contribute. On the other hand, thinness is held in high esteem was not, thin people (in Asia and Russia) was considered more sick than attractive. That is why the weight loss has been considered only from the point of view of the health process, not to improve the aesthetic appeal, because, as you know in ancient times women were valued in the body.

So what was in the Arsenal of our grandmothers for weight loss?

This is the first available tool for each bath. Due to the effect of wet steam, and with the additional influence of various brooms is the breakdown of subcutaneous fat, take away excess moisture from the body. Besides improving skin condition, its elasticity is maintained. Today bath is also quite affordable for most. To enhance the effect of the bath can perform the following procedures: take the salt and honey, when you go the first pot from the effects of steam and heat, you should gently massage the salt all over the body. Salt should be applied carefully, avoiding the skin areas with cuts, otherwise it's going to sting. Salt is not washed off, and subjects the couple to sit until the second pot. As soon as you stop sweating, if you have the strength, the procedure can be repeated. After you get the whole pot salt should be washed off with warm water. Then on the skin you can apply honey, which will soften the skin, making it velvety. After a time, the med must also be flush. Finally, pour a bucket of cold water, this will allow the pores to shrink and preserve all the nutrients that it was filled with honey.

Another means to cleanse the body were post. Orthodox practice knows a great many posts, but even the observance of one great (not faith, but for the sake of health), will allow to give the body a rest and get rid of junk food, which it mercilessly download news year. Of course, one post will not solve the problem, but if the person is sane, the principles of nutrition to maintain without fasting, consolidating the acquired food habits.

In those days, when medicine was not available and caused no confidence, all treatments are based on herbs. Here and weight loss were also herbs, herbal teas and fees. The easiest recipe is based on sage: 1 teaspoon of wormwood pour 1 Cup boiling water and after cooling applied three times a day before meals for 20 minutes. For weight loss used juices of various plants, the most effective of which was considered the cabbage juice. Cabbage juice is also used in the course of a month, three times a day 20-30 minutes before meals. Start with volume half a Cup, gradually bringing to one Cup. The same effect has and pumpkin juice, and is known to all from childhood birch SAP.

If there is a need to lose weight before running for expensive overseas drugs, sit down on the hard, harmful to the body and generating a temporary result of diet, is to look back on the experience of our grandmothers. And choose a more natural and healthy way of proven Arsenal.